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Occasionally we have an adult or puppy we would like to place in a guardian home.  This is part of our program where you are the family for a dog that is part of our breeding program.  You get a wonderful dog at no cost to you and our dogs get a wonderful family to be part of.  It is a win for everyone.  Please contact us for full details!

Buster is an adorable and sweet F1 Cockapoo male.  He loves his people but is not overly needy.  He is house trained and has good manners.  Buster is looking for his perfect guardian home to stay part of our program.  He would go to his family at no charge to them.  Please call, text or email for details.  


Zara is an incredibly beautiful Mini Aussie.  She is an active happy loving girl.  She would love an adventure partner.  She has good manners and is house trained.  She does need a fenced yard.  

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